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These are some of the dogs we are Proud to have Produced.

                      Our White Knight's White War-Lock  AKA "WAR"

War  OFA Fair

  Is out of Hog Hammer OFA Good,CD3,CGC and Sister Sledge OFA Fair (Both Parents Passed OFA) Both caught in the Woods. War is a TESTED TUFF Catch dog you can count on! And War is Naturally Protective and Works in Protection for fun.




                         Our  White Knight's "Country Mountain Boy "


Country Mt. Boy Is out of Hog Hammer OFA Good,Cd3,CGC and Hog Wild Woman OFA Good (Two OFA GOOD Parents)Mount caught his first Hog at 5 months old. He has since earned a CD3 in the Woods and has caught Harder since he has Matured.




White Knight's "RIP" Of What A Pack Kennels Owner


Rip is Ranked in IRON DOG.

Competing in IRON DOG Above.


Rip Is out of Hog Hammer and Fuller's Pretty Patches of White Knight AB's. Rip is a Dog that We Very Proud of . Rip was Originally Bought from us and Worked With Terriers in Earth Work. He has done Very well in that.  Since then Rip has  Caught Hogs Hunting in the Wild. Earned a Second in a Iron Dog, Winning the Sprint Race! All With Little training. This Dog Loves nothing more then to Please his owner and his owner is very Pleased with him.      

His Owner Steve Lewis in Ohio Of                     What a Pack Kennels

has done a Fine Job with him. 

Thank You Steve

White Knight's "NAMI" Owner JOHN CANON (Wash)


nami is out of Hog Hammer and Hog Wild Woman . She Prelimed OFA GOOD She lives with children and other dogs and doing very well with Both. John Canon said, This is the first AB of any lines, his young child could take the food bowl from when it was eating without the dog Growling at his kid ! John has had many ABs from Many Different Lines. Most were Hybrids. Now he knows what I mean when I say White Knight ABs are Different.

White Knight's "BILLY BOB" Owner MIKE FERGUSON










BILLY BOB Is out of

Hog Hammer and Hog Wild Woman. Billy Bob is Working in Protection and Obedience and doing well I might add. He is Competing in both at AB Dog shows. His Owner Mike Ferguson in IL. couldn't be happier with him. These are young pictures of him. He is a littermate to Our Country Mountain Boy



White Knight's "BAXTER" Owner BOB COLOMBO (Ma.)


BAXTER Is out of Hog Hammer and Hog Wild Woman He is a littermate to our Country Mountain Boy, Billy Bob and Nami. Baxter is a very stable dog that is Working in Obedience and is doing very well! He lives with two very young kids. He lives in a house with Cats and gets along Well with them Baxter was  Prelimed OFA GOOD !




CHAOS of "Down and Dirty" AB's (Nebraska)



 CHAOS Is out of our Missy (Hog Hammer/Patches) and our JJ . "Ohio" Steve Lewis did the Breeding.. Chaos is a Littermate to Big Rigs Tetris and Strike Force Plague. Chaos is a Very Stable, Well Rounded dog. He has been Catching since he was young. He has competed in Tug of War and has been Worked in Bite Work. He Loves to please his owner. In Fact So much Mark Dame of "Down and Dirty ABs" acquired another dog from us . A female he named Southie below (Hog Hammer/Hog Wild Woman) to be bred to Chaos in the future. Chaos has Hog Hammers Looks and JJ Drive! Just what we Hoped to make when we took a Hog Hammer Daughter to our JJ..



SOUTHIE of "Down and Dirty" AB's (Nebraska)

Southie Catchin on the Ear First time out hunting...

After Mark saw how well his First dog Chaos turned out he called us for another. I suggested A Hog Hammer/Hog Wild Woman female to Complement his male .

Southie is a Very Confident, Athletic bitch with close to perfict Conformation. Some would say the Ideal OSW female.

She has prey drive off the Charts. She has been Worked Hunting in the Woods and is a Natural.

Since she has been bred to Chaos and produced an Awesome litter of pups.  A litter that will be talked about in years to come. Southie is a Littermate to our Miss Red Neck and her brother Ol Country White .

               CHAD WEST'S Ronan, JADA and Lil CHOPPER (Montana)


Below Lil Chopper

   Lil Chopper and Chad's Son.

 Chad called us because he wanted a Hines Dog that Could Work.. He Knew Mr. Bill Hines had Passed on and believed our Dogs were the closest thing out there to the Original Hines dogs.. He was sad to see the people that had the most Hines Blood at one time were Crossing them to other styles of dog.. 

  He said He was Overjoyed to find us and couldn't Believe there was someone out there sticking with the Original Stover/Dorsey blend that put Bill Hines on the Map! He asked me if I could Pick out a Male out for him that would be a Good work prospect. I asked him,What are you looking for? He said I dont care what it looks like as long as it works. The First Dog I sent him was Ronan (Hog Hammer/Hog Wild Woman )(Second Litter) . And Yes HE WORKS! Ronan is a Fine example of a Hog Hammer/Hog Wild Woman Male.. Great Temperament Great On Off Switch. When Ronan is Not working he is Mellow and GREAT with the Kids. 

He liked Ronan So Much he asked me for a female he could breed him to down the road.. That next female was a JJ/Diamond female he named Jada . Jada is a Ruff Serious Girl .. She takes after the Boss/Ouija side of her pedigree in Both pheno type as well as Intensity .

Next Chad wanted a Inbred Boss Hog Bitch.. I sent him Lil Chopper a Country MT Boy/Bossy Girl female. Lil Chopper is a Throw Back to the Old Stuff Chad and  I liked on the Stouts and Dorseys yard years ago.. And Chad REALLY APPRECIATES HER !

After the First Pup I told Chad, You never know the Second pup might not be as good as the First. After receiving his second (Jada) Chad told me, she might even be better then the first..

  After the Second pup (Jada) I told Chad you Know I'm two for two Now... : ) But You never know the Third might not work out its a Matter of odds now... lol

After Receiving Lil Chopper Chad told me She is EVEN Better then he expected and Even Better then the First two! And He's Crazy about them...


Keep up the Good Work Chad!





Tetris  Is out of our Missy (Hog Hammer/Patches) and our JJ ."Ohio" Steve Lewis did the Breeding.. She is a Littermate to Down and Dirty's Chaos and Strike Force Plague. She is Owned by our friends Kris and Scott Eichner at Big Rig American Bulldogs.


Tetris is a Very Stable Girl living in a family. She has caught and is being Shown. She does some Bite work and Loves Tug of war. They bred her to there Best two Stud Dogs Ruckus and Bingo and were Very Pleased with the Pups she Produced. They tell me they are Very Happy with her and she is a Top Notch, Top Producing Bitch.

PLAGUE  of "Strike Force AB's" (Ohio)



Plague Is out of our Missy (Hog Hammer/Patches) and our JJ. "Ohio" Steve Lewis did the Breeding.. Plague is a Litter mate to Down and Dirty's Chaos and Big Rigs Tetris. As you can see Plague is a Very Stable Happy Dog with a Hard Work Ethic. He caught the first hog he saw Very Young and helps keep the Varmint Population Down to say the least... Louie Battista at


Strike Force American Bulldogs is very happy with him and so are his Kids.


"MOONSHINE" Owner Rowland Evans (UK)






















Moonshine was the only Female  out of the First                   Country Mt Boy/ Bossy Girl Breeding. As Badly as I wanted her I knew how well she would fit into Rowland's program. So we repeated the breeding later for ourselves and Moonie is Living the good Life in the UK with Rowland and her Cousin Eva (Pictured with Moonshine). Eva is a Hog Hammer Grand daughter out of Dude.

Moonshine is a Very Well bred Tightly Bred OSW off of Boss Hog. We look forward to seeing Rowland's plans for her in the future.

Click on link below for More Info on Moonie.



"ARLO" Owner JOE BASSETT and Family (NJ)





















Arlo is out of Country Mt Boy and Bossy Girls Second litter               

He is a Littermate to Jersey below.

Joe came to us because he had just had to put down a Hybrid Because of Bad Hips and Bad Temperament. I explained to Joe that our dogs were Very Different then what Everyone else has.

I gave him a few people to call from past recent litters and he heard the same thing from them as well. I told him before Giving Up on Bulldogs Try a White Knight Ol Southern White .

Today Joe is one of the People I have Others Call as a Referral.

There is Nothing Better In Joes Eyes, then watching his boys grow up with there (White Knight) Ol Southern White Bulldog..

I would Have too agree..








Jersey Boy is out of Country Mt Boy / Bossy Girls second litter. He is a littermate to Arlo above. Our friends Randy and Ashleigh from Mass. own him.

They wanted a AB that could keep up because there other AB they had bought from a local breeder had severe hip dysplacia. 

Well keep up is a Understatement..


"SHOGUN"  (Chicago)

Shogun winning 1st. place under Alan Scott

Hunting in the Woods somewhere down South

  Shogun is out of JJ / Diamond.

Shogun has been shown twice and placed in both shows including a best standard male puppy.


He has done farm utility work and has done extremely well. He gained a lot of experience in a short time.


He was evaluated by Tom Riche and was given a very good rating.


Not in the least bit dog aggressive, but will defend himself and has shown to be a competent family guardian. He does extremely well with children esp small children. He was once even credited for helping a child get over their fear of dogs. Accomplishing all this before 2 years of age.



 "EROS" Owner CARLOS MARTE and Family


Eros is out of our JJ/Diamond breeding and is a littermate to Shogun above.

Eros is a Very Stable dog living with very young children . He is a Very mouthy dog that has an excellent on off switch..

This is a dog you wanna keep an eye on in the future .

His owner Carlos is so pleased with him he acquired two more dogs out of our lines bred by our friend Mark Dame in Nebraska .



"Merritt's Rebel Bodi of W.K. AB's" Owner Raymond Merritt (Texas)







Bodi is a Littermate to Shogun and Eros out of our JJ/Diamond breeding.

This is What Raymond said about his dog,

This male bull I got
from you out of JJxDiamond has turned out really nice.
He's a mellow loving spoiled beast that sometimes stay
in the house alone for hours with no problems. He
watches over all of his fenced 2 1/2 acre turf having
weared down a path on the perimeter, chasing cotton
tails & road runners at times. He has a
fine white coat and very nicely toned muscular frame &
nice blocky head for his 86 pounds. He very quick &
agile with powerful muscular hind legs. He can run
very fast but he's dreamin if he thinks he'll ever
catch one of those cottontails. He's a leaper that
sometimes doesn't wait for me to drop the tailgate and
not only goes down the slide at the kiddie park with
my son & other kids at the playscape, but he's
starting to get the trick of climbing the steep steps
too. He loves to swim too, especially in this Texas
heat. And he's socially not a problem with other dogs
at the dog park or swimming holes. I get lots of
compliments about him.


White Knights "BO" of Steel Trap Kennels (Texas)







Bo is Owned by our Friends at Steel Trap Kennels.


Bo is another JJ/Diamond pup. Bo is Currently being Worked in Protection and I hear he is doing Real Well. He should be competing soon.

Who Would of Thought a few Hog Hunters would of made a Protection dog out of a White Knight pup.. :)



White Knight's BUSTER

Puppy Pictures







Buster (a litter mate to our "The Boss's Son" aka Sonny and our White Trash) is Out of J-SON and Miss Red Neck he belongs to Guy Smith and his family. Guy is a good friend of ours.  This is his second dog from us. He got his first Bulldog from us over 12 years ago when we had hybrids.

Buster is as stable as a dog gets living and growing up with two very young children. He is the family Guardian.

I was told he weighs a solid 80lbs now and is Very Athletic.

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