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These are the words of people that have dealt with us. How they feel about the dogs they have gotten from us and how they were treated.


Steve Lewis from Ohio           

Everyone in their lives remembers that one special dog. I had one also his name was PETEY, an american pitbull terrier that we got when I was 12 years old. I taught PETEY to do all sorts of things, he was my buddy. Petey died 14 years ago on Christmas day, since his death I tried in vain to find another PETEY I went through dog after dog trying to find one that lived up to his memory. I had heard about AMERICAN BULLDOGS and started checking into them. I contacted a guy named RALPH CITARELLA and asked about puppies. He told me he had a litter on the ground and sent me a video tape of the pups and his dogs. I immediately knew this was what I was looking for, and I picked a pup out of the video. Unfortunately the pup I picked was already spoken for so I chose another one. When the person came to pick up the pup I had originally wanted they changed their mind and took a different pup, so RALPH called me and told me that the pup I wanted was now available. You guessed it, it was RIP. When I picked him up at the airport he came bouncing out of the crate and came right up to me, and we have been buddies ever since. I have done hog catching, earth work, bite work, iron dog, weight pulling and a lot of just plain fun stuff with RIP. He has an ID 2 title, CGC. and a GDT. As i said earlier, everyone has that one special dog they remember, I am lucky, I have 2. My search for another petey ended the day rip came bouncing out of that crate at the airport. Thank you RALPH for breeding dogs like RIP.


Bob Colombo from Tewksbury, MA

Hello bulldoggers,                                                                                         

I'd like to introduce our first bulldog to you all. We brought him home at the age of 8 weeks ,on 9/17/2001 roughly 3 weeks ago, and struggled naming him. Now that he's named, its time for his introduction. His name is Tupelo Baxter of White Knight. Baxter was whelped on 7/21/2001 at White Knight American Bulldogs from their Hog Hammer x Hog Wild Woman breeding.

I'd specifically like to thank Ralph & Jeanne who run White Knight American Bulldogs for taking the time over these last 5+ Months to share their thoughts, and recently, company with me. I had an opportunity to travel to NJ to visit with them prior to bringing our new puppy home. I saw their dogs, which I found quit impressive, and spent time with their recent litter of 9 pups, which I found quite fun. In addition to feeling that their yard was very clean and orderly, I think it's easy to forget how physically impressive American Bulldogs can be. Imagine seeing 15 adult American Bulldogs in a Yard? For me it was more impressive than what I'd experience at a dog show. At their home, I was the focus of 15 adult American Bulldogs, on their turf, not just some casual observer wandering through a busy dog show where they would have many other interesting things to be concerned with.


in conclusion, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who have shared their time and experience with me over the 5+ years I've more intensively researched not only American Bulldogs, but other working breeds as well. Your kindness and consideration are appreciated. I hope to be able to return the favor if an opportunity should present itself.


 Bob Colombo



John Cannon from Spanaway, WA.

Hey just wanted to let you know that the pup is doing great she's starting to blacken around her eyes and mouth now, She absolutely the nicest pup I have ever received and the only one who has never growled at me or my son when feeding the first few times she is just adorable, exactly what I'm looking for. I would like to thank you and Jeanne for the great pup you have sent me and keep doing what your doing because it's a good thing,


That was an Email written to us from John Canon after receiving his White Knight pup.. 

This is What John had to say about us and his

White Knight pup now....

I have owned several dogs all of them were hybrids, I never had much luck, it was either bad temperaments or health issues, Nami is my first Old Southern White and she has been the Best, great temperament, good drive and extremely easy to control, Ralph Citarella and Jeanne have done a great job with their breeding program and unfortunately I didn't get my dogs there first and paid a price for it ($8000) worth of mistakes one right after another because I got into a hurry and wanted good dogs now, instead of being patient and waiting for a good breeding ,So be patient. I would like to thank White Knight Bulldogs for there time and a Great dog, and I would like to thank Matt Green for telling me about White Knight Bulldogs . I wanted something different and that is what I got. I would recommend these dogs to anyone who wanted something different .There are a lot of good dogs out there but this is just what I like, and I will continue to get dogs out of White Knight's yard.

 John Canon


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