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 What is Not an Ol' Southern White/Alabama American Bulldog


You will see a lot of Breeders out there (on the net) today calling there dogs/lines things like,

     True Southern Bloodlines, Ol Style American Bulldogs, Southern Bulldogs Or Even           Old Southern American Bulldogs Some are Even calling them Hines Lines.

 But what they Really Have is a Fancy Misleading way of selling 

"Hybrids" or Johnson Crosses!  

I call the Ol' Southern White crosses with Modern day Performance Dogs (Painter type) 

"Performance Hybrids".

 That is because they are Mostly Hines lines crossed to today's Performance lines.  And dogs like Vader Red, Jack Frost ect.. All Well Known Producers But Not Ol' Southern Whites.

                   Jack Frost (a Painter Dog)

      Then there are Well Know Breeders of the "Old Style of Dog" that fancy themselves as         Ol' Southern White or White English Breeders that breed to dogs with Johnson (or Bully) dogs in the Back of there Pedigree's. Most are Reputable Breeders that Just like to Look Past dogs that dont belong in there dogs pedigrees as if they were not there. Like the dog below a Well known Producer But a Johnson dog named Symmes' Rip' N Woody.

They wont tell you they are there either and you wont know until you get your Pedigree and Look at it yourself. 

 By then it is too late and What you Really have is what I refer to as an


 There are also Johnson type (Bully type) crossed to Hines dogs, OSW or Performance  (Painter) type dogs.

 They are just really Hybrids.

There is Nothing wrong with Hybrids if you like them ,

BUT THEY ARE NOT  OL SOUTHERN WHITE or White English  American Bulldogs..

There are a lot of people with Johnson (or Now Known as "Bully Type") Dogs Calling there dogs the Old Style as well.  Mr. Johnson Started with the Old Style of dog and Strayed Way Off Course.

THE TRUE "Ol' Southern White" American Bulldog Has NO Johnson/Bully type Blood in it. As well as NO MODERN DAY PERFORMANCE type Blood in it! It was started way Before Mr. Johnson added Mastiff as well as Saint Bernard and David Leavitt's Olde Bulldogge's  from West Champs High Hopes (an English Bulldog). And Before the Modern day Performance dogs (Or Modern day Painter type) were Developed. The Original Ol' Southern White or White English dog is the Father of the Modern day American Bulldog. 

Not the other way around!

Adding the Modern day lines Changes the dogs forever. You get dogs that will test you, your wife and your Children for Dominance as well as Much more Man Aggressive dogs from the Modern Johnson (or Bully type) lines. And a Much Higher Degree of Dog Aggression from the Performance lines as well as more Hyper (drivey) dogs. High Strung (Hyper) dogs are No pleasure to live with. And A hyper dog is no better dog at working then a Calm dog that knows when to turn it on. The "Old Style" of Working dog has a more laid back Attitude but is Always Ready to Work. And has what I like to call a Turn On and Turn Off switch. You can take them Right off a Hog or Sleeve (ect.) and hand the lead to a Child. They Do Not get all Worked up in a frenzy like the other lines and need to calm down first. If you like Change then this is the Wrong web sight for you. If you Like the Ol Style of Dog that has been in the South laying on Porches and living on Plantations waiting to work as a "Farm Utility" dog for there Master since America was first settled, Then this is the Right Place for you :) .... 

Another thing that has Confused a lot of people lately is when the Stouts started to call there dogs and register them as Ol' Time Southern Bulldogs .

That is now Confused with Ol' Southern White American Bulldogs.

To me it shouldn't be Any more Confusing as,

English Bulldog and White English Bulldog

    Or American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bulldog.


Bull Terrier or Staffy Bull Terrier

They all sound alike But are Different Breeds.

 Today the NKC is registering American Bulldog /Pit Bull Crosses as Ol Time Southern Bulldogs. I'm Sure That's Not what the Stouts had in mind when they Registered there Dogs as  Ol' Time Southern Bulldogs...

I wish them the Very Best ! They have always been Good to me.......


Keeping my dogs what they have always been has been NO EASY TASK. When I first started breeding them you could count on one hand how many people had them and on two hands how many breeders had some but were breeding them to JDJ Dogs or Hybrids. And out of the people that did have them only a Few were Working them. For 10+ years I have been Scouring the South in order to find them Healthy, Working and Unchanged. I have the $400.00 phone Bills to prove it. That was before the Internet, web pages and computers. Then Sorting through breeders that didn't work them or had dogs that were not genetically clean. The Work has paid off. Now I have all I need to do the breedings I need to do to continue breeding this Ol Style of dog for years to come.                

 Who Will Join me ?

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