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Years ago, I like most , Started with a Hybrid. As much as I liked them there were,

Dominance Issues: Such as my dog not allowing me to crate him when I liked . He would growl and challenge me at times for "Alpha Male" of the house. He never bit anyone he just wanted to be the boss of the house AND IT WAS MY JOB TO TEACH HIM HE WAS NOT . I know a great deal of folks with Johnson dogs (Bully type) and Hybrids and they have to let there dog know who's the Boss from day one . Many need to use strict Obedience from the time there dog is a puppy.


White Boy was our first American Bulldog    He was 125 lbs. Had a 38 inch chest and a 27 inch neck. He did not have a good heat threshold or athletic ability. We had dominance issues with this dog.  Although he was very protective he was not an easy dog to own.


Who Needs THAT ???

And Health reasons:  Such as Skin problems (Pyoderma), Hip Dysplasia (Bad Hips), Elbo Dysplasia and torn ACL (tendon in knee) (from being too Big/Heavy or from having bad hips).


All that with lack of overall Athleticism is what originally made me look to find something better. 

I then felt I had to down size for health and ability but I didn't want to end up with a smaller weaker dog. So I had to rethink what I was going to do . And once again began to research more into this breed. I wanted to find ABs that were Harder , Stronger , Healthier and were more Athletic . There were many athletic lines that did Man Work . But I felt they were Not Tested Hard Enough and the Dominance problems from Man Work Lines could recur . Some had Bulldogs that were tested on dogs. But Dog fighting is illegal , I don't believe ABs should be Tested on Dogs or used for fighting dogs and I didn't want the Dog Aggression that came with those lines so the Painter/Type or Fighting Lines were out ...

Every Web sight I went on , book or Video I watched, mentioned Hog Catching as a Historic Point or History of the American Bulldog . The only problem was " None of there Dogs Caught ". There were many that claimed there dogs caught but could not prove it . If it was Legal, Why Couldn't they show me something? I'm sure there were a few out there that were using these dogs for catching they just couldn't be found !

If EVERYONE was Mentioning Hog Catching on there Web Sights it just showed me two things .

One: The Foundation Dogs of this breed and Old Time ABs were Originally Used as a Working Stock Dog for Catching Cattle, Hogs ect..

Two :  How Important it was to the History of the American Bulldog .

This Breed was changing into something Different ! Not Better Just Different! I knew what direction it was going because I had and produced dogs that were the same way. I then Felt if I wanted to Produce Better Dogs that were, Harder , Stronger ,Healthier and more Athletic , Without the Dominance Problems I had to find Dogs that were Bred , Owned , And Raised just like the Foundation dogs of this Breed. I thought it would be easy . But it was a Task.  

One of the First Videos I saw was the first Hines Video . WOW ! Bill Hines called her Snow Bird but I later came to know her as Dorsey's Flash.


 Bill Hines had bought some Great Catch Dogs (females) from Mr. Dorsey


 Above Hines Snow Bird (Aka Dorsey's Flash)


Hines Lady Bird on Left and her Littermate    sister Hines Battle Axe on Right.

All Proven Catch dogs Bill Hines Purchased from Jay Dorsey. Both out of Snow Bird (Aka Flash) and Oliver's Outlaw. 

Ol' Southern White American Bulldogs.


and Bred them to Real Nice Males from Rayburn Stover in Alabama .

Hines Country Boy on Left and his half brother Loki Von Sanctuary
(AKA Tate's Mr. Budweiser ) on Right.

These Males were Bought from Rayburn Stover by Bill Hines.

Alabama American Bulldogs

 I liked those breedings A lot and that was the Kind of Dogs I wanted to produce . The Alabama/Ol' Southern White Cross .. The Only Thing I Would Do Differently is MAKE SURE EVERY DOG CAUGHT (not just the females) and OFA or Penn Hip for Hip Dysplasia . Mr. Hines Video Showed his females Catching and his Males doing Bite Work.. They are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS! Some Folks would buy a puppy for protection and when it grew up it would of been better suited to Catch Work . And some would Buy a Dog for Catching and that puppy would grow up and be better suited for Man Work!

It was Important to me Every Dog " EARNED THE NAME BULLDOG" Before it was bred !            SO THEY MUST ALL CATCH BEFORE THEY GET BRED !!

When I learned where Mr. Hines bought his dogs, that were Catching hogs from, I called Mr Dorsey on the phone. He told me he wasn't breeding anymore and he gave me the Stouts phone number . Since then Mr. Dorsey is into "Pit bulls" and the Stouts are breeding "Old Time Southern Bulldogs" . So I was lucky enough to call when I did .

I Worked Hard as I Scoured the South, to find ABs of Old Southern and Alabama Lines that were "Registered American Bulldogs" with no Modern Johnson in them . I had Phone bills that added up to Hundreds of Dollars a month and made many trips down South to find the Old Style of Dogs . They have changed so much over the years. Finding the dogs I felt Best represented the Foundation Dogs of this Breed was not easy! They not only Had to Work, But Come out of Working Parents and have Good Health and Structure as well.

My Lines are Considered Rare because most are not trying to Work with a Type or Line of Dogs . They are more interested in trying to find the BEST OF ANY LINE to breed to what they have . Its an Easy Quick Fix ( what most people like ) but you can loose a Style of Dog Forever ! That's Not my intention ! My intention is to weed through my litters out of , ONLY HEALTHY WORKING STOCK and chose the Right pups to better my own line through good choices in breedings ! That's better known as Selective Breeding ! And so far its Working .......

Today's American Bulldogs just dont Represent the OL Working Dogs of the South. I was looking to find the OL' Style of dog. And I did ... Now I Wish to preserve them " In there Original Form"........


Ralph Citarella

White Knight Bulldogs                                                                        

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